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Welcome the the Bachelor of Travel.

A site dedicated to travel stories, adventures and to how our perception can transform the mundane into something magical.



The Name - Bachelor of Travel


A conscious effort to approach travelling as a collection of ideas, beliefs, lessons and core principles which very loosely can be incorporated into a self-created curriculum that teaches us about the value of travel.


Bachelor in Travel has no entrance requirements other than a willingness to be exposed to things outside our comfort level.


A Bachelor in Travel has no time restrictions. It cannot be completed within a 3 or 4 year period but will be something you continuously work on throughout your lifetime.


A Bachelor in Travel is free. Resources and study materials can be found all around us.


Lastly, a Bachelor in Travel is fully customizable. Take what you want. Add what you need. 


The Site

What does travelling mean to you? 

How do you define the act of travelling – the journey?

What are the principles it needs to include?


Physical as well as psychological aspects.

Spiritual and emotional.

Detectable or imperceptible.

Conscious or unconscious.


Travel is…

Moving to another country.

Or visiting a new country.

Going on a hiking adventure.

Or having a one year round the world trip.


But that is not all.

You can travel through taste. 

Explore through the sounds of music

Change by the words of a poet.


Travelling can be as simple as….

Reading a book.

Trying a different cuisine.

Dancing to the sound of some foreign music. 

Travelling is…


a new language.

the stories of a dear friend.

a documentary. 


The ways we define travel pale in comparison to the ways travel can define us.


Within our routine, within our everyday life, the movement of travel shapes us into the people we become. In these pages, you will find stories that hope to inspire, entertain and motivate.


Thirteen core principles are used to explain the path of learning through travel, the ways we can find joy in the little things and adventures in our routine.

The Writer

 Rania was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece and has been living in New Zealand for the past 6 years. She was fortunate to call 6 countries home before her 18th birthday and is looking forward to discovering more of our planet’s destinations in the years to come. When she is not working on completing her undergraduate studies in her adopted country, she can be found travelling around Greece showing visitors the beauty of her native land. In addition to the Bachelor of Travel, she writes for Definitely Greece, a boutique travel operator. 

 “Our Nature lies in movement; complete calm is death.” – Blaise Pascal