Have you ever been given advice that starts with: you need to appreciate the little things in life more? Have you ever followed that advice? I think of mini-adventures as the salt and pepper of life; a required ingredient throughout the day. Sometimes we cannot seem them, but we know they are there. Sometimes we need more of them, so we just add a bit on top. Sometimes we don’t need them at all, but it is nice to know they are still there just in case, stashed away in a cupboard in the form of plans and lists.Inspired by the words of thousands before me that have come into this life looking for meaning and writing about looking, I have chosen to follow a path of mini adventuring.

The conclusion? Exploration and childlike enjoyment can carry us through the darkest of moments.

This section, consists of mini-adventures (some more extensive than others) that allow me to inject a sense of delight into those routine life scenarios. Every month I pick a different theme or challenge to explore. If you would like to join in to my next mini-adventure or suggest the theme of next month you can register for the newsletter below. The theme of every month is announced in advance only to those subscribed in the newsletter so if you are keen to join please fill out your details below.

Stay adventurous!