New Zealand

10 Things People Get Wrong About Aotearoa New Zealand

If you are a Kiwi or have travelled to the far away land of the hobbits, you will definitely recognize some of these!

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Athens Acropolis Useful Websites Greece

Websites You Will Find Useful When Moving to Greece

Resources, community pages and useful websites to know when moving to Greece.

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Holiday From Your House

How To Get A Holiday Vibe When You Can’t Leave Your House

Get that holiday spirit without leaving your house!

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Travel Principles


• to go through life valuing those moments, people or experiences that make everything else worth it.
• to appreciate the opportunities you have been given.


• to realize that whether close or far away from home, human nature has the capacity to connect, to set roots and to establish a new home somewhere.
• travel is about finding that you belong in the most surprising places.


• to understand the way other people lead their lives. To develop empathy, to connect with our fellow human beings and to experience their reality.
• travelling as a way of realizing our differences are not what defines us.


• to develop ideas of your self-image of places that inspire you or of places that don't.
• travelling as a tool of creating your senses, your dreams, your knowledge.


• to acknowledge there are things we could all be doing better. To acknowledge your contribution towards humanity's wrongdoings.
• travelling as a way of realizing what could be done better and then setting out to make it happen.


• to allow your experiences to give you new meaning in life, in art, in business.
• travelling as a way of mentally refreshing old ideas.


• a lesson in realizing how few things in life are under your control.
• travelling as a way of embracing changes as a given in all situations and preparing your mentality to cope with the adjustments.


• where to go, what to see, how to get there.
• travelling as way of developing the skills of knowing what you want or allowing others to plan it for you.


• to create for both the physical and mental state of your mind a protective barrier from the worrys of everyday life.
• travelling as a way of finding peace and calm.


• to comprehend the puzzle of which we are but just one piece.
• travelling as a way of realizing the insignificance of some of our lives troubles.


• to develop sympathy, compassion or tolerance and gain new perspective through the connections you built with others.
• travelling as a way of removing egocentrism.


• to explore your capacity of creating and sharing ideas, pictures or words free of limitations.
• travelling as a way of realizing we are not all able to be free.


• the ability to explore what drives the inner working of your mind free from constraint and censorship.
• travelling as a way of giving your mind room to grow.
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