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Did you know there are 500 million blogs on the internet out there right now? 

If you are a blogger you definitely did. Let’s just say we like to be masochists and remind ourselves of what a competitive and saturated market we are a part of and how only less than 1% of the 1% will be successful.

Sad blogging realities aside, there are a loooot of travel blogs out there.

Personally, I don’t find that is a bad thing. There are a few reasons for that.

  • you get different perspectives
  • a lot of people give up or stop posting/travelling
  • new people and ideas change things up

There are a lot of great travel bloggers and travel resources out there that will never get a chance at the spotlight. There are also the giants of the industry. The people I have been following since I was 13 that have blogged far longer than I have known what a savings account is. This is my way of saying I am not the authority on travel blogging but I have a perspective on this travel blog directory thing that you might like.

Now, if you have ever come across a travel blog directory before, they are usually one massive list of links, sometimes categorized, mostly not, that the blog owners have selected as the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the one’s you should be following!

Obviously, they lean towards whatever the blogger considers worthy plus… (deep breath) they are kinda always very white American blogger focused. Don’t shoot yet. 🙈 Nothing wrong with that. But also when I visit Paris I want to know what the locals recommend.

. . .

Obviously, I am not saying that popular bloggers that go everywhere do it wrong. I and many people read their stuff because we connect with their voice and story.

We want to read their perspective.

But let’s be honest! If I was planning a trip to Santorini (which I do, for a living as a tour organizer, but never mind), I would want to read local, expert advice from people that have been there again and again or lived there or know a lot about it.

This is not a new opinion. Even from within the blogging community some are shying away from taking any travel advice from bloggers, calling for diversity in the kind of people we turn to for information on places (ahem, the locals), or creating new terminology like anti-blogger, to differentiate themselves from the picture-perfect, coiffured, fashion outfit wearing travel bloggers that always look like they came out of a magazine even when they just hiked a mountain.

With all that in mind, I shall present a directory list of travel blogs and other resources that might include general information but mostly focus on a specific area or way of travelling.

Some of them are locals that blog about their area of expertise some of them are nomads or full-time travellers, but they focus on one area they have seen and travelled to extensively. Maybe they even live there now. I hope you find this list useful.

If you want to contribute or suggest someone be added to this list please get in touch with me.

* This is not a complete list. You can recommend your favourite travel blogs in the comments below to help expand this travel blog directory.

. . .

General: Travel Blog Directory

*to be broken down into categories further down the line

Eternal Arrival – Eastern Europe

Allison from Eternal Arrival is a California native. She is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and writes extensively about Eastern Europe.

Our Awesome Planet – Philippines

Our Awesome Planet is an amazing directory of information, all about the Philippines. More than 12 years worth of blogging information and 3,000 blog posts. From food guides to destinations this site is a gold mine.

Matt & Jessica’s Sailing Page – Sailing

Are you wondering what it’s like selling everything and sailing around the world? Matt Jessica will tell you. From the cost to logistics and everything in between.

Turkey Travel Planner – Turkey

Tom Brosnahan has created a massive database of anything related to travelling in Turkey. From travel agents to accommodation, transport to what sights to visit and how to make an itinerary.

My Corner of Italy – Italy

Laura is an Italian blogger based in Padova that writes on all things Italy. Travel, restaurants, shops & more. Check out her destination maps and her posts on the Italian language.

. . .

Greece: Travel Blog Directory

Passion For Hospitality – All Over

Elena is a hospitality professional with extensive experience in sales, marketing and travel writing. She covers a wide range of Greek destinations in addition to faraway destinations.

One Quarter Greek – Santorini

Nicoletta is a photographer, travel writer and tour guide. She is also 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Greek. She decided many years ago that Santorini was the place for her and enjoys showing people the hidden parts of the island.

The Tiny Book – Crete

Gabi was born in Argentina, spend 15 years in Italy and now calls home the island of Crete. She has written many guide books and she also hosts gastronomy tours in Chania. Her witty writing will instantly captivate you.

Definitely Greece – All Over

A boutique travel agency, Definitely Greece is where I also write professionally with an amazing team of people that are passionate about showcasing the country. We plan unique itineraries for visitors from all around the world. Could you be next?

Travel Passionate – All Over

Chrysoula is a Greek travel blogger that covers a wide range of destinations. From the smallest island to the best spots in Athens. Her guides on Hotels and Spas around Greece will be useful to all travellers. – All Over Greece

Greeking me organize tours all around the country. Their destinations guides covering Food, Athens, and the Peloponnese offer excellent resources for travellers.

Just For One Summer – All Over Greece
Helena is from the Czech Republic and she came to Greece just for one summer! You can see where this is going. Now she writes in-depth travel guides for the country she calls home. She is based in Athens.

Santorini Secrets – Santorini + Mykonos + Crete and Greece

Santorini Secrets is run by locals and travel bloggers. They focus on Santorini, Mykonos, Crete with some info on Athens and Greece as a whole. They also state they are the largest travel blog for Greece. Questionable website aesthetics aside, there is a ton of useful information here and their guides are packed full of information.

. . .

UK: Travel Blog Directory

As The Sparrow Flies – London

Sam Sparrow has a 9 to 5 but that doesn’t stop her from writing about and exploring new destinations during her free time. Don’t miss her London series, with practical information, foodie hotspots, city break guides and all the attractions you can explore while in her home town.

Hand Luggage Only – UK All over

Yaya and Lloyd are the people behind one of the most successful and entertaining travel blogs of the last 6 years. While these guys have an insane amount of content from travelling all over, I would definitely check out the hundreds of blogposts they have covering the UK. Their photos are also incredible!

. . .

New Zealand: Travel Blog Directory

Young Adventuress – New Zealand

Liz Carlson from the Young Adventuress was a blogger long before she moved to New Zealand. But more than 7 years later she is still based in NZ and has produced hundreds of blogposts detailing her adventures, hiking trips, weekend getaways, encounters with wildlife and conservation projects.

. . .

Solo Female: Travel Blog Directory

The following travel blogs have a strong focus on or are excellent resources for women looking to travel solo.

Adventurous Kate

One of the biggest and most well-known travel blogs for solo female travellers. Kate has been travelling and writing about it since 2010 when at age 26, she quit her job and made her way to Southeast Asia. One of her stories that have stuck with me is being shipwrecked in Indonesia. Find it all in her blog.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiki from The Blonde Abroad is a California native who worked in corporate wealth management, and she left it all behind to travel the world and write about it. Her blog covers more than 70 destinations around the world with a focus on solo, female travel.

A Dangerous Business

A Dangerous Business

Amanda describes herself as the “geeky, smart kid in school” that “…liked horses and books and Harry Potter.” Of course, she also loves to travel, especially by herself. While she is not a full-time traveller or digital nomad she has covered dozens of destinations around the world in detail. One of my favourite blogs is “Why I am Not Afraid To Travel Alone”. Check it out.

. . .

Some Learning/Educational Focus: Travel Blog Directory

In this part of the travel blog directory, you will find blogs that have a clear focus on one educational topic like sustainability, volunteering or language learning.

Unconcerned Market – Sustainability and Tourism Development

At first glance, this website does not appear like a travel blog at all. This might be because husband and wife duo Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott focus on a lot more than just travel blogging. In their words, they “…help travel brands and tourism organizations develop sustainable and community-driven products and destinations through our strategy and implementation work”.

The Intrepid Guide – Language Learning, Language Hacks

Michelle is the passionate guide behind this popular website, which focuses on language, culture and travel. There are language hacks, phrase guides for destinations, and advice on language learning tools and classes you can take before travelling to a destination to practice your skills!

Wandering Earl – Working on Cruise Ships

Derek, whose middle name is Earl and thought Wandering Earl sounds better than Wandering Derek, has been travelling almost continuously since 1999. In addition to being an expert on all things’ nomad lifestyle, and budget travelling he also has published a guide on scoring well-paid jobs working for cruise ships as one way of saving money to travel the world. You can find it here.

Oneika the Traveller

Oneika is a media personality, a journalist and a travel channel host and has travelled to more than 100 countries. She also speaks 4 languages fluently, takes amazing photographs, and writes on topics that weave travel, politics and pop culture. She is also dedicated to inspiring people of colour to see the world and you can find more information on her website about travelling while Black.

Flora the Explorer – Volunteering & Mental Health

Flora describes herself as “a writer, a poet, a volunteer and above all, a traveller”. Her blog and social media accounts are great resources for those planning volunteer trips, especially if you are also conscious of making ethical and sustainable choices along the way. She has recently also just written a book called “The Adult Orphan Club” where she explores “grief, loss, and the loneliness of becoming an adult orphan”.

Alex in Wanderland – Diving, Festivals & Responsible Travel

Alex has been blogging since 2009 and established her website in 2011. You will find a ton of information on different travel styles, whether you enjoy diving, cruising, festivals or wildlife.

Johnny Jet – Credit Cards, Rewards $ Point Guides

Johnny Jet is known as the credit cards and point guy. The website was started after more than 500 people signed up for his newsletter where he laid out the tips and tricks he was learning regarding airline miles.

Seat 61 – Train Related Anything

If you are a fan of train journeys and love to sit down with a map, finding routes across countries or continents, this is the website for you. It has been online since 2007 and continues to be regularly updated with all the information needed to travel by train across the world.

Legal Nomads – Gluten Free Eating Around The World

Jodi Ettenberg is the face and voice behind the website Legal Nomads. She started documenting her adventures after a sabbatical to Siberia and as life would have it she never returned to her corporate job. As a celiac, Jodi writes a lot about food, culture and gluten-free travel. Due to a very significant health crisis, her website is currently on hold but you can still find resources or support her work by purchasing her Gluten Free Restaurant Cards, available for over a dozen countries around the world.

. . .

Awesome All-round: Travel Blog Directory

Bruised Passports

School friends turned husband and wife, Savi and Vid have been travelling for more than 12 years and visited more than 95 countries. In addition to packing guides, accommodation suggestions and itineraries you will find a lot of love, determination and happy vibes!

Inside the Travel Lab

Inside the Travel Lab is run by Abigail King and has been described by National Geographic Traveler and Lonely Planet as “one of the best in the world”. A doctor turned writer, Abi is passionate about sustainable travel and shares travel stories and beautiful guides from the destinations she visits.

Do you know any amazing travel blogs that focus on a specific country or type of travel that need to be highlighted? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. If you would like to add a travel blog from an expat’s perspective, you can add Planes Trains and Shanes. We are an American travel couple living abroad as expats in France.

  2. I would be forever grateful if you added our site ViaTravelers to the list! We are destination travelers that hit the most hidden gems from around the world.

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