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11+ Amazing Travel Bloggers Covering Greece in 2020

Find you next favourite blog from this list of travel bloggers based in Greece! 

Travel bloggers are a breed between a journalist, a photographer, a social media manager, an influencer, a media personality or even just a creative soul that seeks to see as much of the world as possible. The aim of a travel blogger is to inspire, motivate and educate. This can be done through images that make you want to visit a destination, videos that make it seem as though you are there yourself or words and destination guides that teach you about places and show you how to visit them yourself. The travel bloggers in this list all have unique perspectives and ways of showcasing the beauty of Greece. You are guaranteed to find your new favourite travel blogger here! 

*the following list is categorized alphabetically 

Anthomeli, Family Life Style and Travel Blog

Languages: Greek 

Niche: Family Travel, Lifestyle 

Anthomeli has been around since 2011 and features the voices and family travel adventures of sisters Kathy and Callie. As you might be able to guess, Kathy and Callie are passionate about inspiring other families to travel with their children both in Greece and abroad. You will also find a ton of other useful information, however, on parenting, home decorations, DIY and crafts and books. 

Definitely Greece, Boutique Travel Agency and Travel Blog 

Languages: English 

Niche: Greek Travel 

Definitely Greece is a boutique travel agency that helps people realize their dream of visiting Greece through perfectly curated itineraries and customized trips. It would make sense that the blog is full of relevant information for travellers, destination guides, and practical advice. (You might spot my name in most of these articles) The goal is to show people how beautiful, rich and diverse Greece is, and get you familiar with something other than Mykonos and Santorini! 

Definitely Greece Homepage

Family Experiences Blog – Travel Blogger 

Languages: English, Dutch

Niche: Family Travel

Celeste is Dutch/Italian, multi-lingual, mother of two and is currently living in and raising her two daughters in Athens, Greece. With a background in art studies, and professional experience in tourism, archaeology and literature, Celeste combines diverse topics in her writings while navigating the reality of travelling with children. On Family Experiences Blog you will find travel guides based on real experiences, reviews of tried and tested hotels as well as tours and themed trips around Greece.

Family Experiences Blog - Travel Bloggers Greece
© Bachelor of Travel – Travel Agency and Travel Blog 

Languages: English 

Niche: Greek Travel 

In addition to having a cool name, specializes in holiday packages to Greece and aims to offer visitors authentic and unique experiences. Their “Greece Travel Blog” is an excellent resource for travellers looking for inspiration for their next destination in Greece or information for what to see and of course what to eat! 

Just For One Summer – Travel Blogger 

Languages: English

Niche: Hiking in Greece, Mainland Greece

Just for one summer, documents Helena’s journey of discovering and falling in love with Greece from the moment she arrived as a tourist until now, 10 years later. Helena might say she is not an expert but her unique insight into Greek life, culture and destinations is insightful and refreshing. She also writes and shares a lot of practical information about hiking in Greece and outdoor activities.

Love For Travel – Travel Blogger 

Languages: Greek, English

Niche: Greece and Europe  

Tzina is a writer, photographer, blogger, mother and grandmother and of course the voice behind Love for Travel, whose focus is on inspiring the reader to get out there and discover new destinations. Tzina has been blogging since 2007 so expect to find a lot of information on popular places around Greece and Europe as well as lifestyle related content on hotels, restaurants and spas.

Love for Travel – Tzina Varotsi

One Quarter Greek – Travel Blogger 

Languages: English, Italian, Greek

Niche: Santorini Travel 

Nicoletta from “One Quarter Greek” is an inspiration to anyone that has a dream and dares to follow it. After visiting Santorini and falling in love with the place years ago, she worked tirelessly to turn her dream into a reality, working in a Greek deli in London, learning Greek in her spare time and coming up with a plan. Her tales of Santorini are raw, colourful and seem to stem from a different era. You should read this piece detailing her connection to Eva, her Greek mother that was the first person she met on the island and her landlady to this day and follow her on Instagram for scenes and pictures from Santorini and the quiet village of Akrotiri.

One Quarter Greek – Santorini

Passion For GreeceTravel Blogger 

Languages: English, Russian  

Niche: Greek Travel 

Elena is the woman behind Passion for Greece, and she has been involved in the travel and hospitality industry since she was only 16 years old. Starting with Hotel Management and Marketing, Elena worked for top Greek luxury hotel brands in business development before taking the plunge and starting her own entrepreneurial journey as a travel blogger, writer and photographer before launching Travel Bloggers Greece, the first professional travel blogger association in Greece.  She shares her experience of travelling around Greece with readers in order to inspire them to see more of the world. In addition to Passion for Greece, she runs Passion For Hospitality, Passion for Dubai and Spa Wellness Destination that showcases some of the best spa resorts in Greece and abroad. 

Santorini Secrets –  Travel Blogger and Tour Organizer 

Languages: English

Niche: Santorini

Santorini secrets is a travel blog and tour organizer that focuses mostly on Santorini. However, they have also added content on two more really popular islands in Greece, Mykonos and Crete.

This website is run by a team of local bloggers and while I can’t confirm with their claim that they are “the Largest travel blog for Santorini” they have a lot of practical information regarding villas, hotels and activities.

Travelen – Travel Bloggers 

Languages: English, Greek 

Niche: Couple Travel Blog 

Elena and Nikos are the travel couple behind Travelen, the name of which is world play that combines both their names and the word “travel”. They have written about more than 40 destinations, both in Greece and abroad and always inject a sense of humour, colour and positivity into their writing, pictures and videos.

Travel Passionate – Travel Blogger 

Languages: English

Niche: Europe Travel

Chrysoula Manika from Travel Passionate is one of the most prolific travel bloggers in Greece that covers a wide range of destinations with a strong focus on Europe, Greece and the Greek islands. Her website is packed with travel guides and practical advice for world explorers.

Urban Wanders – Travel Blogger 

Languages: English

Niche: Thessaloniki Travel, Greece  

Ami is the twenty-something wanderer behind Urban Wanders where she shares hidden urban gems from destinations around Greece and beyond. Currently residing in Thessaloniki, in the northern part of Greece, Ami has a talent for showcasing hidden bars, restaurants and cool spots around the city that you will want to visit for yourself straight away. You can start with this round up post with the most Instagrammable places to visit in Thessaloniki.

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