I Are you like me? Do you enjoy writing for some inexplicable reason you have never been able to put into words?

  1. You have childhood memories of writing down weird things (like collecting car number plates or street names as a driving game) Yes, I am aware this makes no sense, and no it was not at an age that it was acceptable or cute!
  2. You enjoy typing games online
  3. You used to create new alphabets or languages
  4. You sometimes wake up and then need to write down your dreams
  5. You have taken calligraphy lessons
  6. You keep notes as you read books or anything!
  7. Your wrists may or may not be permanently suffering or strained due to overuse
  8. You re-write things because they didn’t look write to you the first time
  9. You keep an online journal + a real journal
  10. You have different handwritings according to mood, occasion and type of pen
  11. You write down things for your to-do list that you have already done only to cross them off immediately
  12. Your friends ask you to calligraphy their wedding place cards or invitations and you are happy to do so.
  13. You think certain types of paper make your handwriting look better.
  14. You have a favourite brand of pens
  15. You have a favourite brand of notebooks + are passionate about it
  16. Your favourite subject at school was something to do with English or languages
  17. You volunteer to be the one to keep minutes in a meeting
  18. You then type said minutes to have a back up “just in case”
  19. You don’t mind re-doing your bullet journal so it looks just perfect
  20. You are excited about learning new languages especially if it has a different alphabet and you practice different letter shapes
  21. You think letters are a lost art form that should come back
  22. You don’t mind writing long emails because the sound of the keys on the keyboard is actually quite soothing
  23. You submit assignments that are over 3,000 words when the teacher requested 2,000.
  24. Your friends always buy you journals or notebooks as birthday presents.
  25. You always have a pen and notebook with you inside your bag
  26. You re-wrote your notes after class so they could be in nicer handwriting
  27. You copied down lyrics and poems just to see what they look like in your handwriting
  28. You write a long comment to agree with the fact that you are indeed addicted to writing

So, are you addicted to writing?

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addicted to writing
addicted to writing

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