Santorini Mini Adventure

Mini Adventure – March 2020 – Take 5 Photos A Day

Mini adventure of March 2020 and what I learnt.

Mini Adventure: Take 5 Photos A Day
Price: free + phone or photography gear
Excuses: time
Time: a few minutes a day

This month I wanted to trial an extremely simple mini-adventure idea that everyone would be able to do. From past experience, the more simple something appears to be the harder to actually implement. It is not so much that you don’t have time or money to do it but that to carry it out consistently you need to change your mindset and force a daily change.

How hard is it to take photos everyday?

Not at all.

We do it non-stop while we are on holiday or visiting new places. But if we are at home, going from work to the house, to meeting friends then the idea of capturing those moments becomes less important. They are commonplace. Unless you are a photographer of course.

I tried out a similar concept with downloading the 1 Second Every Day app last year during another mini-adventure challenge. It wasn’t easy! At the end of the month though, you can look back at the whole video and appreciate the daily changes that go undetected and all the fun that hides within those moments.

Why take photos everyday?

To start with, why take photos everyday? Some people don’t enjoy being glued to their phone or capturing moments. That is fair. But for the rest, it can benefit us in any number of ways.

Capture the unexpected

There are beautiful images all around us that we are at times completely oblivious to. By making an effort to photograph something every day, your eye becomes tuned to details that you wouldn’t have paid attention to before.

Become a better photographer

The more your practice the better you become. To develop photography skills you need to pick up a camera and start shooting even if it is through your phone. Your composition, editing and camera skills will soar and you will get both great satisfaction and a great result at the end.

Love the place you are in right now!

This was the most important part of this exercise. This quote from Eric Kim Photography, says it all.

Why is it that we have no pride in our own home city or neighborhood? Why is it that we always desire to be somewhere else? What if we desired instead, to be exactly where we are right now?

Eric Kim Photography

Some of the photos I took this month that I might not have snapped otherwise are: family shots and little cousins, sunsets (not the one in Santorini, that I definitely would have taken a photo of), and streets around my neighborhood.

How can you include this mini-adventure in your daily life next month? Any tips, tricks or advice?

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