What are Mini-Adventures?

There is something incredibly satisfying about the very first page of a brand-new notebook.


All these blank pages ahead of you waiting to be filled and just this slight hesitation as you bring the pen down, lingering before you press the first drop of ink onto the page, readjusting your hold, considering where to leave that first mark.


January is a bit like this for most people, like the first page of a notebook.


By March, the notebook has lost the initial appeal, no longer new and shiny and waiting to be filled.


Some pages have scribbles, some are missing or are half torn out to accommodate little notes you needed to write while waiting in a coffee shop and someone asked for your number. There is a brownish ring on one page, tea, coffee, both?


It’s now June and the notebook is waiting, half forgotten. At the front, still visible all the plans you had set out for the year. There was the gym membership of course and a schedule for how often you would visit. Your contact details a bit hesitantly filled out, just in case it went missing and someone needed to return it to you. Is phone number and postal address too much? Is it even safe?


Small plans and big dreams all taking equal space amongst these pages, clearly set out, beautifully written and yet you are still waiting for next January until you can bring out a new notebook and start again, until you can bring down a new fresh dot of ink on a page and call it a new beginning.


Thankfully for you, it is January now and every month you so wish it to be and you are starting new. Your pages can be filled with fun “to do” things, today, tomorrow and every day you feel like January. Find how here.

Mini Adventure – Explore A New Neighborhood  (Hobsonville Point)

Price –> 0$ – 10$ (for coffee)

Excuses – time and money

Time –> 2-4 hours aka one dinner or long coffee date


 The second mini-adventure of the year was off to a rocky start. Issue number 1, couldn’t decide where to go. After playing around with certain neighbourhoods that I had never visited – as per my own mini adventure instructions – I decided to break the rules and explore my own backyard, the neighbourhood of Hobsonville Point.

There are a few reasons why I thought that was important.

  1. I moved into the neighbourhood a few weeks ago, which means it still is a place that I haven’t spend a lot of time in. 
  2. It is a relatively new development in Auckland city, so everything around has that new and waiting to be explored feeling.
  3. The start of uni, a long list of overdue work and family members visiting from overseas meant there wasn’t as much time to go further out. 


The second rule I broke for this adventure was that I turned this into a multiple days kinda of an adventure, rather than a one-off. On Saturday, I visited the local market, purchased some produce, ate an incredible vegan Rosemary, Rasberry and Coconut ice-cream from the talented Lalele Organic Gelato store and finally got the chance to peek inside the new Little Creature Brewery aaand try some of the beer of course.

Only a few short hours later, I found myself back at the market. This time on two wheels, on top of an electric skateboard. (There are actually four wheels on a Boosted Board, but two sounded way cooler). Riding around the Boosted board, learning how to balance and having more ice-cream felt a lot like a travel moment.


Out of my comfort zone. Check!

Look like a tourist. Check!

Ice-cream run. Check!


The next day, a random burger emergency (can you sense a food theme?) brought about another exploring mission during the most beautiful afternoon light. Since the general area is a relatively new subdivision, most of the houses are new, with an architectural style and general vibe that reminds one more of Holland than New Zealand. The fact that half of the houses are still in the process of being finished or sold, it can feel like you are in a giant Monopoli board. Families will soon be bringing along cars, children and their dogs but for now, all is quiet!


There is much to see and do around Hobsonville Point and hopefully, this little adventure will spark more explorations.


So, let’s briefly talk about the lessons of this mini-adventure.

  1. Just because you live somewhere for a while, it doesn’t mean you have seen or explored the area around you
  2. The afternoon light is and forever will remain the best time of day to walk around a neighbourhood and take photos.
  3. There should always be a time in the day for ice-cream. Especially when it is raspberry, rosemary and coconut.
  4. Playing tour-guide in your own area means you can see a place through new eyes – better, exciting and eager eyes. Try it!
  5. Don’t say no to new experiences, especially if those are getting on a Boosted board.


Did you get to explore a new neighbourhood this month?


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