What are Mini-Adventures?

There is something incredibly satisfying about the very first page of a brand-new notebook.


All these blank pages ahead of you waiting to be filled and just this slight hesitation as you bring the pen down, lingering before you press the first drop of ink onto the page, readjusting your hold, considering where to leave that first mark.


January is a bit like this for most people, like the first page of a notebook.


By March, the notebook has lost the initial appeal, no longer new and shiny and waiting to be filled.


Some pages have scribbles, some are missing or are half torn out to accommodate little notes you needed to write while waiting in a coffee shop and someone asked for your number. There is a brownish ring on one page, tea, coffee, both?


It’s now June and the notebook is waiting, half forgotten. At the front, still visible all the plans you had set out for the year. There was the gym membership of course and a schedule for how often you would visit. Your contact details a bit hesitantly filled out, just in case it went missing and someone needed to return it to you. Is phone number and postal address too much? Is it even safe?


Small plans and big dreams all taking equal space amongst these pages, clearly set out, beautifully written and yet you are still waiting for next January until you can bring out a new notebook and start again, until you can bring down a new fresh dot of ink on a page and call it a new beginning.


Thankfully for you, it is January now and every month you so wish it to be and you are starting new. Your pages can be filled with fun “to do” things, today, tomorrow and every day you feel like January. Find how here.

Mini Adventure – Go To A Show Alone (The Taming of The Shrew)

Price –> 5$ – 100+$

Excuses – time and money

Time –> 2-4 hours aka one dinner or long coffee date


 The first mini adventure to start the year was something relatively easy, an outing for one to see a show. The show I picked, “The Taming of the Shrew” was performed by the Pop-up Globe Somerset’s Company. I am no reviewer, so I will spare you the details of what a play of such background can offer to you or any audience for that matter. If you are interested in attending a show by this multi-talented group of guys and girls while they are still in Auckland, or across the ditch in Australia, you can read more information here and here and here.

To a degree, the show I picked is not as important as the physical act of going.  

Picture this. A long few days of travel and you are finally there. You have arrived in (insert destination here). Hotel and bags to be taken care of first, then a light bite to eat. Shower, get dressed and then exploring time. You walk the streets, you scour the shops, you fill your memory card with photos. You pick up what feels like a gazillion fliers for museums, local attractions, karaoke nights, and comedy shows. You pick one and you go.


You want to be out, to experience what there is to experience, to see anything there is to see, you are on an exploration mission. You go to a show!


So, let’s briefly talk about the lessons of this mini-adventure.

  1. It’s nice to go to things alone
  2. Nobody ever judges you, you only think they do
  3. Art, music, theatre, performances are there to challenge perspectives and ideas
  4. If you watch something in a foreign language you can, for a brief time, feel like you have been transported to a new country.
  5. Remember this one time you were in London and saw this show that you thought was average at best? The same thing might happen in your hometown. Only difference is the show in London you think of as the time you were adventurous in a foreign place and the show in your hometown you think of as a waste of time.

    They are actually both great stories. Change the way you tell it to yourself.



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