6 Spots To Work From In Thessaloniki As a Freelancer

Thessaloniki is the charming co-capital of north Greece, an expression that does not exist in the rest of the world and one that emphasizes the love and affection towards our second-largest city. Finding a café to work from is not so difficult in Thessaloniki, with every neighborhood and street being host to multiple caffeine producing spots! However, finding a great spot to work from regularly, one that combines adequate seating, fast internet connections, and amazing drink options might require some extra searching.

There are a lot of things I love about being a remote worker, but working from home is not one of them. So, I am always in the lookout for the next great coffee spot, with the best seats and most plugs. Here are a few of the ones I visited recently.

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Caravan Bed and Breakfast 

The Caravan is a modern and retro-chic bed & breakfast established in 2016. It is not a café per se, but a coworking space or coffee lounge that operates on the ground floor and is open to all visitors. Bright, quirky, with plenty of plug sockets and a steady Wi-Fi connection, this is the perfect spot to work from remotely for the day. 

❤️ Loved: all types of chairs and desks to keep people satisfied. Amazing coffee and food to fuel your workday.

What I missed: Nothing, it had everything!


Address: Rempelou 1, Thessaloniki 546 31
Phone: 231 306 2780

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This is a very popular all-day café and bar and not far from one of the most popular landmarks of the city, the Arch of Galerius, aka Kamara. The beautiful building that houses Tabya was renovated in 2014 and slowly transformed with care and precision into a haven for art exhibitions, music records, books, events, and of course amazing drinks.

Tabya retains a lot of those homey features, with each room focusing on a different vibe and style. There is also plenty of outside seating available as well, which however I never found conducive to work.

❤️ Loved: The light coming through the windows, the artistic vibe, and the great coffee. Also, the rooms being separated from each other gives you privacy and quietness.

What I missed: There is a limited number of desk and chairs inside. But plenty of comfortable sofas for reading and light work.

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© Bachelor of Travel
© Bachelor of Travel

Address: Kon/nou Melenikou 14, Thessaloniki 546 35
Phone: 231 124 2522

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TOMS Flagship Thessaloniki

ΤΟΜS is housed within a beautifully preserved building and for those interested in a bit of history, you will find a lot of information regarding its previous uses as a shopping centre and post office. Centrally located on Tsimiski Street, TOMS opened its doors in 2015 and is both a go-to place for coffee and snacks as well as a store where you will find shoes, sunglasses, accessories, and bags. For those not familiar with the philosophy, TOMS aims to gift one pair of shoes to a child for every pair bought.

The setting is perfect for those looking to study or get some work done, with plenty of seating options, and cosy corners. It is also a great choice during the winter.

The recent addition downstairs is FDPRN, a hidden gem with an American style menu focused on brunch and mouthwatering burgers of great quality and taste. I found the seating downstairs better suited for working on my latest visit and it also tends to be quieter during the morning.

❤️ Loved: The feel, decor, and coffee.

What I missed: You need to place your order at the counter, so don’t set up your equipment before you have gotten your coffee. Arrive early to get seating upstairs!

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Phone: 231 023 4222
Address: Tsimiski 22, Thessaloniki 546 24

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i4Gpro Thessaloniki

This is one of the few co-working spaces operating in Thessaloniki and as I prefer to work from outside the house, it was also one of the first spots I wanted to check out as soon as I moved back to Thessaloniki.

Located very close to the universities and within the International Fair complex, i4Gpro is perfect when you really need to get some work done or as a long term work solution for digital nomads and remote workers.

The most affordable package will get you a seat in the “Coffice”, an open plan seating area for 5 Euro a day. There are weekly and monthly plans available as well as options for private offices or semi-private co-working spaces if you are looking to make this your regular working spot.

❤️ Loved: Friendly people, quiet and high-speed internet. Perfect for long days of working when you don’t want to be unplugging your laptop every time you want to use the bathroom! You can also get Nespresso coffee for an extremely low price, from a funky looking spaceship machine!

What I missed: Nothing. Perfect solution for those wanting to get some work done in the centre of the city.

Meeting room at i4Gpro
Coworking space – i4Gpro

Address: Egnatia 154, Thessaloniki 546 36
Phone: 231 026 5444

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HAYAT – Mikri Poli 

On Palaion Patron Germanou street, not far away from busy Tsimiski, I stumbled across Hayat on a rainy day after looking for a spacious and quiet spot to study and work for the day.

Colourful and cosy, Hayat was exactly what I was looking for, with two floors of plush sofas and pretty corners and a dedicated studying and reading corner upstairs, where every table has its own plug socket.

The coffee was excellent and very affordable compared to nearby establishments, and I have since also sampled different dishes from the menu as well as their wonderful tea and hot chocolate options.

The owner is friendly and approachable and you might also want to use this as an excuse to have some wonderful Turkish food.

❤️ Loved: The space and dedicated studying corner. The prices were also excellent. * I also hosted an International Women’s Group here and it had more than enough space to accommodate a table of 12.

What I missed: My laptop doesn’t always want to connect to certain websites when connecting to their server. Have had to determine if it is my fault or an issue with their network.

Update October 2020: In my most recent visit, I inquired about the WiFI issue and found that they have recently put new “fiber Wifi” in and the problem no longer occurs!

Address: Paleon Patron Germanou 23, Thessaloniki 546 22
Phone: 231 023 0807

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One of the most well-known coffee spots in the city. The slogan of Zogia is “βιβλίο, τσάι και συμπάθεια” or for those not able to understand Greek “book, tea and sympathy”.

Here you will find a great selection of beverages, and of course, don’t miss the tea.

In the mornings, Zogia attracts an older and eclectic crowd, with people stopping by to read the newspaper, a book, or relax with a cuppa. Later in the day, they often host events, literary nights, poetry, comedy nights, and all sorts of other events.

There is also a small but excellent selection of cold dishes, desserts, and snacks.

❤️ Loved: The atmosphere and friendly staff. They also have great prices.

What I missed: Nothing specific.

Address: Al. Svolou 54, Thessaloniki 546 21
Phone: 231 024 3459

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