Mini Adventure – Watch 2 Foreign Language Films

Price –> FREE (5-10$ ticket)

Excuses – time and mobility (?)

Time –> a couple of hours

I I guess it was unavoidable that I would get to one month where I would fail at my mini-adventure goal. The fact that it has come at the 6-month date, makes me feel slightly better though, because at least we have come this far. So what have I learnt from 6 months of coming up with small, everyday ways to get myself hyped for mini-adventures?

They Work Best When You Are Working Around A Routine Schedule

Mini-adventures are something I was looking forward to a lot during the last 5 months of intensive studying and work. Since my schedule was relatively rigid and I knew where I would be on any given day of the week, I had enough time to plan out what dates I should have off, and how I would best like to spend them.

Routine for some of us is a blessing and for others a lethal trap where creativity goes to die. Whichever category you might fall under, try introducing a novel experience to see how it feels.

A Month Goes By Incredibly Fast

It might be that I am getting older, it might be that I am having a blast, working away and planning new experiences or it might simply be that time is running away from me, faster than I like. The point still stands, that in one blink, you realize it is already the middle of the month, and in another blink, you are already at the end. If that sounds like you, then taking the time to plan an activity might be a great option.

We always say, we will head to the park, or watch a movie, or catch up with a friend next week but every week turns into the next and a couple of months later those things we really look forward to are still in the “maybe one day” planning stage.

You Can Make New Friends

Sometimes I talk to people about mini-adventures simply because they ask how I spend my days and what I do outside of work and study. In most cases, the response is either positive or positive and asking about joining in during my next adventure. How great is that?

There is no reason why your mini-adventures cannot be with a loved one/friend or a group of friends. Make it fun, make it your own and just discover how easy it is to have new experiences around the corner of your house.

6 Month Round-up

So what did I do in the last 6 months of mini-adventures?

My first mini adventure was to the incredible Pop Up Globe Auckland. I spend a pleasant afternoon watching the show by myself, had a beer, chatted to a few random couples that were watching the show and drove back to my new house. After a few months of living in the Philippines and not having a lot of alone time, I had fun reconnecting with myself.

With my mother and sister visiting from overseas, and my new room in the beautiful area of Hobsonville Point, I knew I had to take a few hours to become acquainted with the area around the house. This was not a single day kind of excursion, but we definitely visited the Catalina Bay brewery quite a few times while we were at it.

Oh, I am still laughing about this one! I took my sister to a place I have been meaning to try for quite a while in downtown Auckland to try some spicy Chinese food. But me, being me, I inhaled the spicy chilli oil and ended up freakingly hyperventilating the whole dinner through.

For April, I vowed to use the 1 Second Everyday App and record one second of my day, every day. (duh!) Even though it didn’t exactly go to plan, I still have the video and short snippets of random days I would not have kept otherwise. It also taught me a lot about the value we place on random fleeting moments like ordering a coffee or stopping to look at a rainbow. Also, I took a lot of videos of food!

For May, I joined one of the Auckland Free Walking Tours and saw the city through the eyes of a tourist. After 5 years of calling this place home, it may seem like there was no need to go on a walking tour through the places I pass by every day. However, there is always new perspectives and ways to see a familiar place. Try it!

Did you do complete the June Mini-Adventure? What movies would you recommend someone watches for the 2 foreign films adventure?

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Save “Mini Adventure 6 Month Planning” for later!

mini adventure 6 months
mini adventure 6 months
mini adventure 6 months

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